Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well 5 months later...and maybe I will catch up?!

I was behind in the summer and then I got pregnant and very sick so here we go at catching up.... bunch of pics .
 The kids in Grandpa's tree! 

 Chloe eating an otter pop.  I think she looks so much like one of her older cousins in the pic, (when she was about the same age) any guesses? Look close!

And here is our friend Tow Mater!!

 Maddux came along with us if you were wondering who our fifth child was. hehe

Playing at the splash pad in Summit Ridge!


 I have the most wonderful husband! He surprised me with flowers one day!
 The Santaquin parade! Bring on the candy!

Here's the race between Noah and Jeffery to see who gets Tia Tortilla!
Long story short 2 boys in love with the same girl :) Jeff is such a good sport about it!

 The kids finally got to do their Lemonade Stand!
All in all we had a fun summer!

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