Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"I like to move it, move it!"

This is so stinkin funny! Noah had no idea I was recording him. He is watching himself on the computer. Enjoy!!

He's a little too good!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What!!! It's July already!!??

Oh wow I am so horrible at keeping up on this blog. (big sigh) So this one is going to have a lot of pics and hopefully it's not boring.

Back to May 1st... Anna turned 4!
Happy Birthday
 Anna is our little socialite. She loves everyone and can't get enough of friends and cousins!
Love ya girly!

Tommy and Noah went on a "Man Trip" with Uncle Bones and cousin Maddux.
They had a blast at the Braves game and hope to do it again.

 Cute posing girls!

 Swimming in Anna's new pool!

 The school had a carnival and we took the kids to play on all the bounce houses.

 I think they had fun!

Happy Mother's Day!

Our little Chloe is into anything and everything!

Watching the eclipse! We had a BBQ at G&G Bowman's.

 Preschool Graduation, Noah is finally going to kindergarten! 
 Anna is doing another year of preschool.

 All the cousins.

 We sure do LOVE Mrs. Stacey!

 Tommy got so many goodies from students this year, he's in heaven!

 Memorial Day having a little history lesson at the cemetery. 

Noah played T-Ball this year and loved it! 
 A little side note...his team consisted of 5 first cousins, 4 second cousins, and one third cousin!! It was fun having a family team of Degraffenrieds, probably won't ever happen again.

 Here's wild woman scarfing strawberries as fast as she can before mom finds her!

 June 2nd, Happy Birthday Noah!!

 Noah wants to be spider man when he grows up.  His favorite things right now are superheroes, transformers, cars, and playing with friends, and playing on the computer.
He's a great kid, love ya bud!

 As if these kids didn't see their cousins enough. haha There is a bunch of them in swimming lessons together! They learned a lot and had a ton of fun!

 Here Chloe is again and Grandma D's in her favorite spot!

Here's our dancin girl! Brooklyn had a dance performance and had 2 tap numbers.  She did awesome in both! So proud of her and her accomplishments!

 And some more of Chloe, she's just toooo cute and mischievous!
Eating with a Giant fork
 Cool hair!
 She would not let go of the cookies!

Well also along the way we had my birthday, Fathers Day, the 4th of July, and probably some more that I didn't get pics of but what can I say I'm not perfect :)
Hope it wasn't to overwhelming!