Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 13, 2012

First Snowfall and a Baptism

Well November is a little boring compared to October in our family.  We had our first snowfall and it was crazy! So many broken branches because the leaves hadn't fallen yet. These pics don't really do it justice and my parents poor tree suffered much worse.

 It was beautiful though and perfect for playing in!

November 3rd was a special day for us. Brooklyn was baptized a member of the church! We are so proud of her decision and can't believe this day is here already! She was a little nervous but thought it was cool! What a good example she is setting for her little brothers and sisters! Sniffle, sniffle.

Lots of pictures!

We had a lot of family there to share this day with us and are so glad for their support!


Brooklyn had her first dentist visit and had to get 6 fillings!!! She was awesome about it though!
 So a little side note...we are expecting our FIFTH child(a boy)!!!! And I get really sick and lay on the couch for a couple of months and this is some of what goes on...
Some mess making and silliness and lots and lots of movie watching!
I hung out with these 2 little girls most of the days!

 Brooklyn turned 8 years old!!! I can't believe she is that old! She is a sweet girl and is always kind to others and a great student! She is my best helper and I don't know what we would do with out her sometimes. We love having her in out family!

 Our little Chloe also had a Birthday! 2 years old!  She is our little stinker but boy is she cute! She makes me laugh pretty much every day at least once! My days would be so boring without her, love her lots and lots!
 Crazy hair day at school!
 Carving pumpkins at my parents, a tradition that the kids LOVE!
 Everyone gets into it.
 Noah still has a hard time scooping the guts out but at least he doesn't gag anymore while doing it!
 Thanks to Pinterest I discovered carving with a drill!! It is awesome and I will never carve a pumpkin any other way. The kids all thought it was pretty cool too! 
 Aww aren't they cute! 2 vampires, a mouse, and Little Red Riding Hood!
 For Brooklyns baptism (pics in the next post) gift Dad finally caved and said she could pierce her ears! Aunt Shaili did it and Brooklyn was so brave, she didn't even cry! It makes her look so grown up!

Over the river and through the woods...

To Great Grandmother's house we go!  We went to Idaho for Labor Day weekend and spent some time with my family.
 We did a lot of visiting,
 four wheeling,

 and eating!
 We brought some peaches from Utah and made some pie! Brooklyn and Anna had a grand old time helping their grandmas!
The three older kids got to sleep outside in a tent with my parents and got rained on a lot but luckily never got wet! 
We love going to Idaho!


At the end of August (I think) we went out to the Bateman's Dairy farm with some of Tommy's family.  We got to see how the cows are milked and fed and where they live. And we saw some pretty cute baby cows!

 A little nervous about petting.

 Here are some babies that are less than a day old and we got to see some of them take their first steps! Sooo CUTE!

 They let most of the kids ride in this fun little thing and they loved it!

 And here's the huge sand pile that they use to put in the cows stalls for them to sleep on. The kids thought it was just a big sand box!
This little field trip was quite fun and insightful! Although we stunk really bad and sometimes I still get a whiff of stink when I get in my car, no matter how good I clean it. Oh and I can't leave out going to the "Barn" for ice cream after!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little End of Summer Fun!

We tried going to Park City school shopping but it just didn't work this year.  So instead we went to Red Robin for dinner and root beer floats and shopping in the mall!  This is our back to school "Girls Night"!

 We were having some awesome weather, not too hot, and decided to go to the Grotto!
It's the perfect hike for our kids. Not very long and a fun reward when you get there! 

 First Day of School pics...
Brooklyn 2nd Grade
 Noah Kindergarten
 Anna Preschool
Brooklyn played soccer this year and got to be on cousin Hallie's and Sophie's team.  She said she liked it and wants to do it again next year! (couldn't ever get all three cousins together for a pic)
Silly Grandma and Chloe!
Oh the outfits she finds...Brooklyn's swim suit and leg warmers.  I could put together a whole book of all her goofy looks!