Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 23, 2012

Camping? Arches!

Ok we've had a busy April! My family decided to go camping in Moab so we could go to Arches. Well we (Tommy and I) are not campers so we decided we would stay in a hotel while everyone else camped.  Well the only camp site available for a group was 40 miles south of Arches so we finally gave in and decided to camp as well :s I was a stress case thinking of all I had to do.  We have basically no camping gear so Kristen and Spencer and my Mom and Dad let us use a lot of their stuff. Thanks guys!  Spencer gave us the royal treatment, if that's possible when camping?! He let us use their nice tent and cots and even made a crib for Chloe to sleep in.  Well enough blabbing I will get to the pics.

On the way down we stopped at Dead Horse Point.  
 Pretty cool view of the Colorado River!

 Tommy was being a little adventurous and climbed out where he probably shouldn't have.  And the kids all wanted to follow. 
Tommy and Noah on top of the world! Almost.
 Don't you dare move kids!!!!

Finally made it to camp.  Our campsite was called Wind Whistle.  It was a pretty little place. Very quiet and peaceful. 
I took this picture to try and get a shot of all of our stuff...doesn't really come close to what it looked like in person.  It took us forever to set all of our stuff up but man were we prepared!! Notice the pvc pipe crib that Spencer made!

We made it!!! The hike to Delicate Arch was very hot and a lot of up hill.  The kids did great and it was worth all the effort!

 Anna was so funny, she would only hike with my brother Josh and his girlfriend Ashley.

 There's our cute little Chloe strapped in the backpack, again.  Such a trooper!
 G & G with the kids!
 We also hiked to Landscap Arch.  This hike was a lot easier and cooler! Thank goodness!!

 Pretty awesome!
 We were all a little worn out and had to take a rest before we hiked back to the cars.

 Just some cool pics of the surroundings. Oh and had to get a pic of the hat on the guy next to me.

 Still hangin in there!

Our kids never wanted to be with us because there were much cooler people to hang out with!

 Balancing Rock ^
What a day! We saw some amazing sites!

Hangin out at camp.
 Everyone is packin up.
Our tent is the one on the left.

 Our kitchen^

The backdrop to our campsite!

 Noah walking on the trail to camp with a cup of hot chocolate and some chips. Yum!
Well we really did it, we camped for 2 nights!  Everything was good except for sleeping.  I guess sleep isn't that important right?  Thanks to everyone for assisting us and providing us with equipment so we could have a great weekend!  Will we do it again???  Maybe in a few years!

Zion National Park

We went to Zion National Park for part of Spring Break.  We went with Carlene and Kyle Francom and their kids.  The weather was a little cool but perfect for hiking.
Riding the shuttle through the park.

The kids had fun finding cool places to pose for pictures.

Walking behind the waterfall.

Chloe was such a good girl riding on Tommy's back the whole hike. (4hours)

Weeping Rock

Tommy loves his hiking.

Thanks to this nice rock that took the picture of the whole group!
In the morning getting ready to head to Zion we noticed there were a few people dressed as twins. 
We got a kick out of this because it was not planned at all!

Pretty funny right?!
On our way home we stopped at the Kolob Canyon part of Zion.

Everything was so beautiful, awesome and breathtaking. We had a great time!