Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day and First Days of School

Brooklyn and Tommy started school a couple weeks ago but I only wanted to post once.  Lazy I know.
 Brooklyn was super exited for 1st grade!
Tommy only a little excited, for third grade of course.

 Here are my cute little preschoolers.  Anna went the first day by herself because Noah was sick.
 Noah finally got to go today!!
Hoping this year is full of fun and lots of learning!

Labor Day!!!  We had fun planing a 40th wedding anniversary for my in laws.  We sent them on a scavenger hunt to places that had some significance in their history together.  The last place was their "tree" up at the top of Santaquin Canyon.  The whole fam was up there to surprise them.
 I know it's a lot of pictures but I had a hard time leaving any out.
This one of Jim and Carla is my favorite! They look like they are still in love to me :)
 Just some shots of the group
 The New Tree... the original one died, kinda sad.
 Love this one of Landan, he looks like he's enjoying himself don't ya think.
40 balloons for 40 years and....40 people in the family!
 Everyone got a balloon
 Wait for it...
 Good bye balloons! 
 Off they went 
 Oh except Jeff's he thought it would be cool to tie it to his braces, then hahaha he couldn't get it off. 
 He was sooo embarrassed but it was sooo funny!
 In the frame is the old tree carvings that Jimmy "saved" from the original tree carved 40 years ago.
 It was pretty awesome.
 They loved it.
 The kids being kids.
 And a delicious cake made by Bones.
 It says...JED+CD...Still in Love 

 Of course we had to save some cake that fell on the ground, dusted off the dirt and good as new.

 The kids loved eating cake, yum!


 It was such a fun afternoon!  I think it will be remembered for many years to come. 
Congrats to Jim and Carla on 40 years, we love you!