Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Locks of Love

Brooklyn and my sister Kristen decided to donate their beautiful locks to Locks of Love. 
We are a little sad to see Brooklyn's long hair go, Dad is especially sad, because it's sooo pretty.
But it's for a terrific cause, and she's been thinking about it for a while and is pretty excited.
 They are a little nervous... 
but at the same time can't wait to get rid of all that hair.
 It has to be at least 10 inches long.
I don't know if she knows what she's getting herself into?
 We did pigtails so when we cut them off it wouldn't be super awful to fix.
My other sister Shaili did the cutting.
 Here we go...
 And it's done!
Wow it's short! 
Kristen's turn...

 She was sooo ready to cut it off, 
it was too hot for being 8 months prego and summer.
 Cant you guess who's are who's?
 Kristen's left, Brooklyn's right.
We couldn't believe how much thicker Brooklyn's were.
She's definitely my daughter.
 The unfinished do, front view,
back view.
 The finished styles!
Turned out way, way, way cute!
Brooklyn looks like a totally different girl, but I think it fits her.
 Kristen thanks for being brave and doing it with Brooklyn.
It's something she will probably always remember.
I don't think they realize they're cut off, he he.
Well it's done and now we just send the hair to Florida.
Way to go girls, someone is going to be very happy with a new wig or two!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Where did May and June go?

So we have had a lot of stuff going on I guess because I can't seem to find time to update this blog. sigh Is it ever going to slow down? Probably not dang it. I should probably just get over it right?! Ok so here it goes I will try to keep everything short, try is the key word.

Anna's Birthday was May 1st, she's 3 now! We celebrated with the Grandparents and Kristine and my sisters families. She got a lot of fun stuff .

 She chose to have princess cupcakes. Yum!

We had a little photo shoot in my moms flower bed.
I thought it was a cute background, here are my favorites.

Brooklyn had here year end dance recital. Her class did a tap dance.
 Brooklyn with cousin Hallie

 With fam and cousin Addie and sis.

We are in the process of finishing the basement so Tommy, with much help from my parents, got the tile done in the bathroom downstairs. We are ready for finish work and painting now.

Thanks Mom and Dad. And Tommy:)

We now have a Kindergarten Grad! Yay Brooklyn!
 They did a cute program and got their diplomas.

 We are sooo proud of Brooklyn, she is an excellent student and daughter!

She said she was going to miss her teacher but she still wanted to go to first grade.

Noah also had a preschool graduation but he will be going to preschool one more year with Anna.

This is all of the cousins that were in Mrs. Staceys preschool, wow!

So school is out and we head up to Idaho for Memorial Day weekend. My grandparents live just north of Rexburg and it's a nice place to go and relax and visit.

 The kids spent some good quality time with Great Grandma and Grandpa!

 We went into Rexburg and while I was at this really fun craft store, Tommy took the kids up to the Rexburg Temple. It was a beautiful day!

One of our main goals this trip was to see many of the ancestors that are buried in the area and in Cache County. All in all we visited 6 cemeteries! 

 Noah is named after this ancestor Noah Williams his 3rd Great Grandpa!
We left on Memorial Day to go home through Logan and stopped along the way at the Whitney, Richmond and Hyrum Cemeteries.
 This is the Whitney Cemetery, Ezra Taft Benson's grave. 
It was the prettiest little place, so peaceful and quaint. 
Not a relative just thought we might as well stop on the way home and see it.

 Uncle Spencer giving the kids some play time on the long trip home. 
Looks like fun!

 We also stopped at the Logan Temple. Beautiful!!!
 At the Hyrum Cemetery my mom has 15 ancestors buried there and we went grave hunting because none of us has ever been there. We got lucky and found all of them!!

We had a fun trip and it's one I will always remember. Everyone was glad Tommy has such an interest in family history so we could find out about some of our heritage. 

Brooklyn is now toothless. She's lost 6 teeth in less than a year!

Noah had a Birthday on June 2nd. 5 years old!!!
 Lots of fun stuff and a spiderman cake!

He's really into the super hero's. 
He told Grandma Carla he wants to be Spiderman when he grows up.

We went up Provo Canyon to Vivian Park and had a cook out with my family.
The kids got to try fishing, which they loved!

Feeding Chloe isn't much fun without a high chair, she got a spoonful of peas right up her nose.

They had to try out the play ground.
Tommy and Noah went exploring. They saw a snake, yikes!

Anna thought she was the fish, silly girl.
Sweet Chloe always gets worn out on our little outings.
She's always a very good girl though.

What a fun day!

Well that's all folks...for now anyway:)